Barcelona team up with Lego for Camp Nou

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Keep every detail! Barcelona team up with Lego for the spectacular Camp Nou. Lego has teamed up with Barcelona, the famous Spanish team. Launching at Camp Nou, available in Thailand on September 7, priced at 11,900 baht,

after seeing Manchester United ‘s Old Trafford arena in the next form, Lego It released products about the football field again, this time at the Camp Nou, the home of Barcelona, ​​the top team from Spain.

This set contains 5,509 puzzle pieces. It measures over 18 inches wide, 8 inches tall. And it is astonishingly detail. Whether it is a lawn, an amphitheater, a player tunnel even the team’s coach. There was also a scoreboard that showed a score of 5-0. When they defeated Real Madrid. 2010’s all-time rival and the team’s slogan “Mes que un Club” were proudly displayed in the stands,

with fans able to imagine the real Camp Nou as it progressed. The surrounding amphitheater can be divided into 4 sections to allow for an enlarged view. and appreciate the details of the scene There is also VIP entrance, lots of stickers and flags so that puzzlers can decorate fully

For anyone interested in preserving the owner of LEGO® Camp Nou – FC Barcelona in Thailand, it will be available on September 7 at the LEGO Shop, LAZADA and LEGO Bricks Thailand LINE Shop, priced at 11,900 baht together.