‘Chiellini’ to leave the Azzurri army after the Blue and White duel game

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Veteran defender Giorgio Chiellini is set to end his 18-year career. With Italy by leaving the ufabet team following a special friendly against Argentina in June.

Chiellini has been with the Azzurri since 2004, making 116 appearances, scoring eight goals, leading the team to the Euro 2020 title last summer.

However, Italy, under Roberto Mancini, suffered another slump. After being knock out of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Leaving them unable to qualify for a second successive World Cup finals.

Italy’s next program is to play in the ‘2022 Finalissima’ special event. Where the Azzurri as European champions will face South American champions Argentina. At Wembley Stadium on June 1.

The Juventus defender, 37, confirmed: “The match against Argentina at Wembley will be my last game against the Italy national team.”

Some players might need a mentor to help them realise their potential. Chiellini seemed to find a way to act as his own mentor as well as fulfilling the role. For his younger colleagues as he grew into a natural role as the elder statesman of the team.

His balance may well come from the fact that he has been so easily able to leave everything on the pitch to the point that he’s a completely different person off it. In a 2016 interview with The Guardian, Chiellini admitted to being “the most aggressive one” among Conte’s international defence. But also revealed others were surprise by his off-pitch persona.