Gary clear issue of captain Manchester United

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Gary made a clear response after the issue of replacing the captain of the Manchester United team. After a set point that Manchester United should be replace captain by Harry Maguire as Chris Gutierrez down Ronaldo or not. That Gary Neville was showing signs of dissent. Clearly, saying Maguire is someone who will stay with the team for a long time, while Ronaldo is only helping the team for a short time.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has said he disagrees with the idea that the Red Devils should have a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo is the captain Maritimes Harry Maguire.

    That Manchester United brought Ronaldo back to that team. This raises the issue of whether there should be multiple roles within the team or not. such as penalty shootout duties, free kick players including the position of team captain After the original Ronaldo is currently the captain of the Portuguese national team as well. Plus, he’s more experienced than Maguire.

Neville, the elder said, “I would be very surprised. If they are remove, Harry Maguire from the captain, I think Harry Maguire will remain with the team in the long run. The Chris Gutierrez down to help the team just over 2 years. Only, so I don’t think it’s going to happen like that (providing Ronaldo as captain). If it does something like that.”

    “I think Cristiano Ronaldo’s determination and leadership skills don’t necessarily come from wearing the armband, of course. And I believe he would love to be a leader in the dressing room. But I believe he values ​​the team as well. And forfeiting the captaincy from someone else is probably not the right move.”