Why is the United States so chill about missing the skateboarding gold medal?

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Sports Skateboarding is a sport pack medals in the Olympics for the first time at the Tokyo Games in 2020, the past is not uncommon to people around the world watch the competition. And excited about the results that no one knows what will come out?

Although there has never been a skateboarding competition in the Olympics before. Many people also pointed out “USA” is the gold medal favorite in this sport. Because they are consider the origin of skateboarding. It was also the one who pushed the culture to become popular all over the world.

But by the time the Tokyo Games ended, the United States only managed to win two bronze medals… instead of grieving. Skateboarders from Team USA return for an interview with a bright smile on their faces. Even though he is a world champion but is eliminate in the qualifiers in the Olympics

Main Stand invites you to find an answer that Why is the United States so chill about missing the skateboarding gold medal? Even the inventor of this sport? which reflects the identity of this sport including how skateboarders look at the Olympic Games

Did not monopolize gold coins in the first place

Before the 2020 Olympic Games begin If talking about the nation that is the favorite to win 4 gold medals in skateboarding. It is inevitable that the country that sends the top 12 athletes to compete are Brazil and the United States. including hosts like Japan with up to 10 skateboarders competing in this historic event.

But no matter how many other nations will send athletes to compete Or how skilled are the athletes? One of the favorites to win a gold medal in skateboarding at the Tokyo Games. would be the United States For them, skateboarding is not just a recreational activity. But it is the lifestyle and culture that has been with this country for a long time. The United States began developing skateboarding in the 1950s before spreading the culture around the world in the 1970s.

However, SBNation, an American sports website Has published an article before the Olympic Games 2020 will begin saying American national skateboarder will face a difficult test And winning gold won’t be as easy as people think.

The first reason the US national skateboarder won’t reach their dreams. Because the success of skateboarding began to disappear from this country. This is an image that people generally overlook. Because it is still attach to the word “Skateboarding started from the USA” includes great achievements in the past. From legendary skateboarders such as Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald, the long-standing monopoly on success at the X Games has become a worldwide recognition.