Watzke never pressured Haaland to accept a decision

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Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke insists the club have never pressured Erling Haaland to make a decision about his future at the ufabet club. The 21-year-old striker was interview about the issue.

Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has responded to Erling Haaland’s recent remarks that the club were pressuring him to make a decision about the club. football future It confirmed that the Blues had not given a time frame for the Norwegian striker to give an answer to the matter, according to ‘Sport1’ on Thursday.

To say Dortmund will give Haaland an ultimatum is [stupidity], there is no time limit.

Watzke also revealed that the Blues will be looking for a suitable replacement for Haaland if the Norwegian striker moves to this summer. The 21-year-old said after the Freiburg game: ‘Borussia Dortmund are now pressing me to make a decision next season. But I just want to play football. That might mean I’ll have to make a decision soon.’

Sebastian Kehl, the club’s director of player licenses, has also confirmed the club are not in a rush to make decisions about Haaland’s future either.

‘Nothing new no talk I was surprised by Erling’s words. I’ll talk to him. I’ll ask him why he gave an interview after our 5-1 win, we didn’t put any pressure on it.’