Chelsea are eyeing a new left-back Hernandez

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Chelsea have contacted AC Milan to inquire about the possibility of signing France left-back Theo Hernandez.

Chelsea are eyeing a new left-back after Ben Chilwell is out for an extended period, putting AC Milan’s Theo Hernandez on the list. Interesting to bring him to play at Stamford Bridge. Italian newspaper Tuttosport reports that Chelsea have made an informal inquiry to Milan. 

And received an answer back that the offer to buy Theo must not be less than 60 million euros only. To set the table to negotiate Otherwise, do not expect to discuss this matter.

Theo is currently under contract with Milan until mid 2024, but the Red Devils have already started discussions over a new contract with the player’s agent. by improving the contract Especially about the wages in the contract that will last until 2026.

Theo moved from Real Madrid to Milan in 2019 for just €21 million. The 24-year-old defender is now one of Europe’s best left-backs, resulting in a skyrocketing fee. It has previously attracted interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

However, the source admit he would be ‘expensive and difficult to sign at this stage of the season’ meaning it does not seem like a realistic option for them at present.