Manchester City 3 – Everton 0, the back of the crowd

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Manchester City overtake Liverpool to return to the second-placed crowd At home, Everton thrash Everton 3-0 thanks to goals from Raheem Sterling, Rodri and Bernardo Silva.

English Premier League Football

Man City 3 – Everton 0

Stadium: Etihad Stadium

The game in the beginning, although Manchester City will have more possession of the ball. But there is almost no chance to finish the score in a noticeable way.

In the 15th minute, Everton returned to Demarai Gray, dragging the cut from the left side into the penalty area to shoot with the right to block the home defense line. Which Gray was hurt from this stroke. and was replaced by Alex Iwobi instead

In the 27th minute, City, who had a relatively small chance, got a chance to win. When Phil Foden set up an open fort from the left for Raheem Sterling to head alone. But the square is not good The ball crosses the bar.

Minutes later, the sailboat was glorious. When Cole Palmer passed through for Bernardo Silva, slipped on Jordan Pickford, the ball bounced, Ilkay Gundogan headed again. Hit the beam and bounce off the back.

In the 35th minute, the referee blew a penalty for Sailboats. Before a VAR check, which showed Michael Keane didn’t hit Sterling, so the penalty was changed. night and keep playing

But then, in the 44th minute, Manchester City took the lead 1-0, when Joao Canzelo snagged the Koi superiorly. The ball flew into the penalty area, curved to find Sterling, inserted to shoot a beautiful net tungsten.

In the second half, 55 minutes, City escaped 2-0, Allan pulled the ball out badly into the way, Rodri ran into the box without touching the front of the penalty area. The ball flew through the air through Pickford’s hand and went into the goal beautifully.

In the 78th minute, Manchester City should have scored too much when Palmer flowed through the channel for Riyad Mahrez to come off to the right and quickly cut into the middle at Sterling, slipping in front of the open door, but Rahi. M pushing the six pigs with two minds whether to catch or shoot. The ball went into Pickford’s hand, easy to pick up.

The sailboat came to get the third ball when Gundogan flowed to Cole Palmer, dressed in the left and shot straight on the 18-yard line to deflect the defense of the visiting team. But also came out of the way, Bernardo Silva has fired a long distance to burn the hair into the door.

rest period No more goals happened. End of the game. Manchester City thrashed Everton 3-0.