Why is the 2020 Olympics so hot that athletes have to shout?

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It’s over with the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In the midst of unusual situations From both the COVID- 19 virus and the extreme heat of Japan’s capital city.

We may have seen athletes come out to protest or faint during the competition. But the weather in Tokyo this time Is it really that violent?

Let’s find answers to heat the 2020 Olympics. and the cause is with the Main Stand

Affected person

World number two ranked tennis player Daniel Medvedev faces. The hot weather to the point that he has to call a physiotherapist. While competing with Fabio Fognini of Italy, who was referred to eventually win 2-1 in the third round (before being eliminated in the last eight later)

How hot can’t it be?

There is a report from the UK Federation for Sport Sustainability. indicating that the competition in Tokyo this time There is an environment that is not friendly to the human body at all. Due to global turmoil or Climate Change that causes global temperature to rise almost every year.

What is a heat island

When the city is constantly being developed whether it is to build buildings It cuts new roads through various important points, all of which play an important role in making Tokyo a mini-island.

may not see the picture from here But when looking at the infrared image from the camera on the Landsat-8 satellite, we can see that Tokyo is on fire While the surrounding area was still quite shady. This is a very clear example of the urban heat island phenomenon.